segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

You've got a problem? Keep it to yourself. Don´t share them with the others. You will feel good about it, about setting him free, but you will be disappointed by the "I don't care" answers that they will give. Yes, even your best friends. Everyone has problems, do they need yours to add the list? Obviously not. Yes, I know, you take time to listen and solve their problems. So, if you really feel like doing so, tell your friends. Otherwise, write about it for you, it's your own words and your own feelings. No one is supposed to get them, no one but you.

Feelings! Feelings everywhere! Want to stop them and don't know how? Oh well, I haven't find this answer yet. I wish I had, but still a blank space surrounded by question marks. So, if you know the answer please share.

- MM -

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