domingo, 26 de outubro de 2014


Lovers or Friends? That's a question that's on my mind for a while. We can't be in the middle, not anymore. The question is what are we? What are we capable of doing for each other? We don't know how to love, how to react to the sweet little things that we say or do. But one thing I know.... We won't be making fun of each other, we will learn to deal with the bullshit of these days and most important of all, we will learn together. As lovers or as friends. What matters the most is the fact that we can lean on each other and make days better just by existing together. It's confusing not knowing what we are, if we should take chances or just stay like this. One thing I know, together is forever and that's why I love you, why I love what we have. No matter what, we are always there. You for me and I for you. We put our stubborness apart and lean on the positive things. Always, no matter what.

- MM -

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