sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

Knowing the unknow

People talk about us. They know something is going on. But how can they know what we don't even know? It's hard do live every single day and not being able to know what we feel. Not being able to step forward or move back. Staying in the middle it's killing me. It kills me when I don't know for sure what's happening or when I don't have a solid perspective about the futute. People like us don't just talk or hang out, people like us live life in a way that we can't describe. People like us feel a lot. Our problem is that we can't find words to describe or say it out loud. People like us smile a lot, talk a lot and love life. If for any reason we start hating life I will feel sorry for the others. They say that we have the power to make everybody happy just for being by our side and that my friend, I like to say it is cumplicity.

- MM -

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